Orbit is an experienced semiconductor service provider with a team of world-class process and equipment engineers . Orbit is involved in activities ranging from  facilities base build to Process qualification. Our experienced process engineers  provide consulting for new process development, qualification and sustaining activities to our customers. They are also involved in several process activities like unit step process development, reliability and Yield enhancement activities. Our expert equipment engineers are not only involved in PM/CM activities of 200 and 300 mm toolsets but also in part procurement, obsolete part qualification, on-Site repair of parts and tool upgrades.

Process activities 

  • Fab operations
  • Process sustaining
  • Redundancy development (Metrology and Process)
  • Qualification (Process and Environmental)
  • New product launch
  • Yield enhancement (inline and sort)
  • Development/Transfer of process derivatives
  • New raw material qualification
  • Chemical lab, wafer reclaim and FA lab

Equipment activities

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Expert vendor management
  • Consumable and non-consumable supply
  • Process kit management
  • Bench – component level T/S
  • Facility/hook up
  • Logistics

Software Services

Orbit provides a wide range of IT services and solutions. We add efficiency..


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Engineering Services

Direct Interface between Manufacturer/Suppliers for part...