Orbit is a privately held company with offices in USA and India founded in 2009. The company is focused on providing engineering services to the semiconductor, capital equipment, and solar industries. Orbit delivers end-to-end engineering services in fab operations, improve product development cycle time, Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics and Software engineering services. They help clients stay competitive; improve their productivity and profit-margins by offering complete system design, value engineering and engineering documentation services.


Technical Team

All of the Orbit engineering team members have extensive international semiconductor experience working previously at leading semiconductor manufacturers including Intel, Micron, IMFT, Global Foundries; this expertise ensures that services are successfully executed thereby delivering reliable equipment performance. Design engineers have strong semiconductor equipment / manufacturing environment knowledge base to support a broad range of design requirements. 

Orbit has Design Engineers with a rich designing experience across the complete semiconductor processes spectrum. We differentiate ourselves by providing 360 degree offerrings for the complete value chain integration. We provide end to end solutions for new product development, product upgrades and CIP for the complete semiconductor tools portfolio


With rising costs and margin pressure across semiconductor Orbit delivers new business model to dramatically reduce development cost and time to market. 

We understand the importance of innovation and customizing products for our customers and are able to execute Projects independently. We offer complete design solutions with Prototyping and testing. 

Our End to End Service offerings across Semiconductor Industry allow us to establish partnership with the market leaders to help them to set both Product Differentiation and Cost advantage at the same time: 

  • » Significant Cost Benefit
  • » Reduced time to market
  • » Product Design to meet Specs
  • » Cost Effective Manufacturability
  • » Product Life cycle sustenance

Software Services

Orbit provides a wide range of IT services and solutions. We add efficiency..


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Engineering Services

Direct Interface between Manufacturer/Suppliers for part...